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The NCLEX-RN Study Guide & Practice Test has everything you need to know before you take the exam. Video Tutorials, over 1000 Practice Questions, Tips & Tricks and more. Download it today and have all the necessary skills and knowledge to feel great about taking your exam, and becoming an RN.

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The NCLEX® can be scary. No matter how prepared you are.

After learning all you did in nursing school, how in the world do you know what will be on the NCLEX-RN® exam? Where do you even start studying? With The NCLEX-RN Study Guide & Practice Test, you'll walk out of the NCLEX® feeling like you just took a first grade spelling test.

NCLEX-RN® Practice Questions
We have one goal, to help you pass your NCLEX-RN.

The NCLEX-RN Study Guide & Practice Test is packed to the brim with useful information to anyone preparing the take the NCLEX-RN®. Download it today and you'll get:

  • Over 1000 Practice Questions from the actual exam.
  • Over 1 Hour of Video Training Modules from Actual Registered Nurses.
  • The Updated 2024 NCLEX-RN® Cram Sheet
  • Complete 200 Page Study Guide Explaining how to prepare for, take, and pass the NCLEX-RN®
  • Over 300 Printable NCLEX Flash Cards - With additional practice questions and rationales.
  • FREE BONUS: Complete 17 Hour NCLEX Review Lecture from Mark Klimek

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Feel Confident about Becoming a RN with over 1000 NCLEX-RN® Practice Questions

Preparing for any exam is tough and daunting. This particular exam though, is going to change your life, and your family's life. And that puts a lot of pressure on you. With something that important coming up, you've no doubt already went through hundreds of practice questions online, used flashcards, and have spent many sleepless nights wondering: "Am I ready?".

Consider The NCLEX-RN Study Guide & Practice Test an investment in your future. A little reassurance that yes, you are ready. And yes, you can do it. We've spent months writing and compiling all of this important study material for you, because we know that Nurses are the backbone of our existence. And we want you to have everything you need to succeed.

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Over 1000 NCLEX® Practice Questions

With over 1000 practice questions included, you can go over them again and again. Elimitating suprises during the exam.

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Our Study Guide & Practice Questions include everything you need to build confidence and overcome exam anxiety.

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By downloading our guide, you can be prepared for your NCLEX® quicker and with ease, and get on the fast track to becoming an RN.

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You might have guessed by now that your success is a big deal for us. But our program alone won't help you. It needs your time and commitment. If you are serious about becoming an RN, or if you've read all the free practice questions you could get your hands on, we urge you to give ours a try. It's a small, one time fee, and you'll be able to consult your study guide any time you need to. So even if you put it aside for a few days (or months), you can always come back and pick up where you left off.

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